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Leah McHenry

Welcome to The Creative CEO Community

Get the Jumpstart you need in your product-based business! Learn from someone who's DOING it.

Meet Leah, Your New Mentor & Business Coach.

Hey! I'm Leah. I'm a homeschool mom of five great kids, an internationally acclaimed recording artist, and an entrepreneur. 

In the past 5 years, I've built not one, but TWO multi-million dollar companies (plus a multi-6 figure music business) in completely different industries, from HOME, and mostly in yoga pants and a messy bun. 😀😀😀

My belief is that you can fully embrace your God-given talents and abilities, while also finding a need in the marketplace to either solve a big problem or bring people joy. 

We have ALL the tools we could ever need in this day and age to create incredible wealth for our families while also having a positive impact on the world. 

It's my FIRM BELIEF that if you have passion, determination, and the WILL to succeed, there's absolutely no excuse for you not to. 

It would be my honor to coach & mentor you through this process.

Why You Should Learn From Leah

Do you like shortcuts?  Or would you rather do things the hard, time-consuming, and expensive way? 🙃

I offer you my expertise in an extremely affordable & community-driven way, that offers you both SOLUTIONS that move the needle in your business, and the support & friendship you need to help you through the tough parts. 

My standard for getting coaching & mentorship from others is that they have already achieved the results I'm looking for. That's an important measuring stick. Make sure that whoever you learn from is doing the things you want to do. 

My expertise is in product-based e-commerce businesses, startups, online marketing, and online education/transformation-based businesses. 

What's inside CCC?

CCC is extremely unique in that this is our own private social media platform WITHOUT the distractions! 

Inside, you'll get your own customized newsfeed of the latest posts and topics that are relevant to YOU.

In addition to that, your membership includes:

  • Q&A days where you can ask me anything!
  • Monthly workshops on a hot topic that is driven to help you move the needle in your business
  • Articles & How-to's from Leah
  • Groups & community based on the size of your business
  • Member perks & achievements to keep you motivated!

And a lot more -- we'll constantly be adding new things!

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